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Add additional value to your home with large glass windows and doors from Q One Fenestration
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Add additional value to your home with large glass windows and doors

Looking to upgrade or renovate your home? Did you know that glass is a timeless material that never goes out of style? 

There are countless benefits to using glass for residential projects, making them the perfect material to consider. 

Installing large glass windows, panels and doors can add up to 10% of your property’s value. Not only will it reap financial benefits for you should you decide to sell your home, but it will also bring you lots of enjoyment and more energy efficiency.

Glass houses, really? 

We have all heard the old saying about people who live in glass houses. Even though glass has been used in home design for many decades, architects are now pushing the boundaries even further with innovative designs using this classic material. 

Glass brings heaps of elegance, style and understated beauty to any building, and it’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate its aesthetic appeal. 

Glass: energy efficiency vs aesthetic appeal

It’s tricky to determine whether glass adds more value in terms of energy efficiency or aesthetic appeal. 

Since large glass windows and doors allow in plenty of natural light, it allows you to use minimal or no artificial light during the day. With electricity prices continuously increasing in South Africa, every little bit helps and, over a year, you could save yourself a fortune on electricity usage.

When winter comes around, it can be tempting to use heaters to keep warm. However, large panels of glass allow the warming sunlight in, which helps to effectively keep the temperature in the space comfortable. 

Glass windows that open also allow vast quantities of fresh air into the building during the summer, decreasing your reliance on costly air conditioning. 

Glass is known for its ability to maintain temperatures inside a structure in both warmer and colder conditions.

Of course, no one can resist the appeal of glass when it comes to admiring the beauty outside. Large panels of glass allow you to admire the sunset on the horizon and any other natural features or landscapes surrounding your building. 

Glass brings you closer to nature 

Humans were not made to spend all their time indoors and surrounded by artificial light and objects. 

It is healthy and good for the soul to spend at least a few minutes in nature each day. 

By incorporating glass into your home’s design, you are appealing to your inner need to be closer to nature. Although you could be sitting inside your home, with large glass panels as windows and doors, you are one step closer to nature. 

Another added benefit of this classic building material is that it can mostly resist weather like the wind, rain and sun and remains relatively maintenance-free.

The use of glass in residential estates 

Glass is no longer the architectural field’s best-kept secret. 

Upmarket residential estates are now using glass extensively in their newly-built homes. The art of fenestration is reaching new dimensions and it is now possible to handle glass panels with a maximum weight of 2 tons each.

Since South African residential estates do not have the same concerns as regular homeowners do in terms of safety and security, the beauty of glass in residential estates does not have to be spoilt by unsightly burglar bars and other security accessories. 

This has been the driving force of many successful residential projects and is considered to be the latest trend in fenestration projects. 

What are the latest trends in fenestration that we expect to carry through 2022?

Driven the streets of Sandton and Rosebank lately? Big brands like Standard Bank are building or revamping their office buildings to be mostly glass.

This is because of the increased floor space glass walls provide, the energy efficiency glass provides for a building as well as the fact that the outer building glass panels make the building look amazing, because of its ability to transmit and refract natural light.

So what fenestration trends will we see carry into 2022:

  1. Glass will continue to be the dominant construction material for building projects, with a massive focus on big glass and how the glass makes a building more energy efficient
  2. Glass type popularity is changing from traditional single glazing to the newer double glazing glass with extra features like laminated glass, low e glass, toughened glass and tinted glass
  3. Aluminium windows have been on trend for a while now, however there is increasing interest in smaller frame sizing as well as frame colour changes from traditional white and silver to darker shades of greys and even black.
  4. Less windows, more doors please: Windows are being replaced with doors in most new architectural designs as well as renovation design plans. Again for convenience of moving between inside and outside spaces and how the bigger glass provides for a more modernised look.
  5. Frameless glass! Large panoramic glass windows and doors, that offer the illusion of open or even boundary free spaces. A perfect example is the frameless glass product offered by us at Q One Fenestration, through our partners Panoramah! 

Interested in premium quality glass doors and windows? Contact Q One Fenestration today! 

If you are interested in using premium quality, durable and beautiful glass panels in your residential or commercial project, contact Q One Fenestration today to discuss your requirements, or simply put your architect or building project manager in touch with us.

We have successfully completed many beautiful projects and would love to be a part of yours. 

In the meantime, why not browse our amazing completed projects to get some inspiration? 

And many many more!

Q One Fenestration is an industry leading manufacturer and installer of windows and doors systems from South Africa and Europe. 

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