Villa Venus


Aluminium windows, doors and glass suppied and installed by Q One Fenestration.

Lagos Penthouse

penthouse lagos workers

This Penthouse is based in Lagos, Nigeria, aluminium windows, doors and glass materials were used to complete the project.

Villa Anand

villa anand arial view

This modern villa with its steel morphed and twisted structure that brings together complicated details into contemporary sculptural piece of art.

Villa Sar


A villa of contemporary architecture of steel, glass and solid forms.

Villa Boz


This modern villa has three rusted steel boxes perched on off shutter concrete and rock walls that extend out into the bushveld landscape.

Villa Era


This 3 level modern villa with its sloped off shutter concrete columns that meet a sloped off-shutter concrete beam creating a diagonal fold line or crease.

Villa Kev

villa kev outside view

This text area is reserved for information regarding various aspects of this project and is currently being compiled, it will be added in the near future.

Villa Nelspruit

nicha mansion

Q One Fenestration took part in this project by supplying and installing Aluminium windows, doors and doors.

Villa Forrest

Villa forrest aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium materials were used in the project. Materials Supplied by Q One Fenestration.

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