Products and Partners

South African Systems

We maintain strong partnerships with leading European and South African manufacturers and suppliers, which enables us to offer our clients the best solutions for their projects. We are the industry leader for European systems in Africa, with exclusive partnerships with panoramah! and Reynaers.provide to our South African clients.

Sliding Folding Stacking Door

Galaxy Slider by HBS | Palace Slider by Wispeco | Heavy Duty Slider by HH

hd sliding doors
hd sliding windows

Windows, Fixed and Hinged Doors

shopfront windows
shopfront doors

Windows by HBS, Wispeco, and HH

casement windows

Fixed & Opening Sashes by HBS

flush glazing
curtain walling flush glazing

South African Options by HBS

vistafold stacking windows
tilt turn

Pressure & Flush glazing Options by HBS

curtain willing pressure glazing
curtain walling flush glazing